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Included in this page are Empower Network Policies & Procedures at a glance. These documents give Affiliates the ability to promote the Empower Network opportunity and products in the best capacity. Please refer to the complete versions of compliance, policy and procedure documentation.
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Empower Network Income Disclosure Policy Income Disclosure Policy [English, Spanish, German]


Empower Network is focused on doing the right things, at the right time and for the right reasons. We don’t only seek to be compliant with all governmental regulations Empower wants to be an industry leader. To this end, we have developed our comprehensive Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”). It is designed to convey truthful, timely and thorough information regarding the income our affiliates can earn with Empower Network. We are proud to display this information and so should you. A copy of the IDS must be presented to a prospective affiliate any time the Compensation Plan is presented or discussed, or when any type of income claim or earnings statement is made. The terms “income claim” and/or “earnings statement” include:

a) A statement of average earnings
b) A statement of non-average earnings
c) Any form of earnings range
d) Testimonials that contain statements of earning potential or ranges
e) Lifestyle claims (including those that are implied via pictures – luxury/fast cars, exotic vacations, mansions, etc.)

Since much of our advertising is conducted on the Internet via videos, team hangouts and in print, there are different types of disclosures that must be made. The FTC states that these disclosures be “clear and conspicuous” and that “the disclosure be placed as close as possible to the triggering claim.” Additionally, when designing your advertising, be sure to display the disclosure before the prospect decides to participate or buy. The FTC wants to ensure that consumers are not misled by an ad. Here are some sample disclaimers for each instance. If you choose to create your own disclaimers/ disclosures when developing sales aids, please be sure to submit for approval to and indicate that it is a submission for approval.

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Print Disclaimer
Individual Results Will Vary.
Please see our average income earnings at
Results NOT typical.
Please see our average income earnings at
Extraordinary Results.
Please see our average income earnings at
These are unique results and results do vary.
Please see our average income earnings at
These claims do not make a guarantee for your success.
Please see our average income earnings at
Past performance does not guarantee future results.
Please see our average income earnings at
Audio Disclaimers
Audio Disclaimers:
"At Your Own Risk"
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Video Disclaimers
Income Disclosure:
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Income Disclosure:
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Independent Affiliates Requirment
Affiliate Logo and Information:
Empower Network Independent Affiliate Crest
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Affiliates may not use or attempt to register any of Empower Network's trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, the Company's name, or any derivative thereof, for any Internet domain name, e-mail address, or online alias. Additionally, an Affiliate cannot use or register domain names, email addresses, and/or online aliases that could cause confusion, or be misleading or deceptive, in that they cause individuals to believe or assume the communication is from, or is the property of Empower Network.

The content of all Company sponsored events is copyrighted material. Affiliates may not produce for sale or distribution any recorded Company events, presentations, and speeches. Nor may Affiliates reproduce for sale or for personal use any recording of Company-produced audio or videotape presentations.

As an Independent Affiliate, you may use the Empower Network name in the following example:

Alice Smith,
Independent Empower Network Affiliate

IMPORTANT: When utilizing Empower Network Disclaimers and associated media, it is mandatory you utilize the corresponding media-type to the media you post, share and/or distribute. Example: Audio posts should have accompanied Audio Disclaimer within the soundbite recording. The same consideration is applicable to video and written media/content(s).

Latest Compliance News:

This section is reserved for giving you up-to-date news about changes in our policies, compliance issues that are becoming challenges and what’s going on in social media or on the Internet that we feel you should aware of for your businesses.

Compliance Corner – Income Disclosure Statement

Hi everyone and welcome to the Empower Network Compliance Corner.

Today we're going to talk about_IDS Clickable Links. Many of you do a great job providing disclaimers for your earnings and income claims and then pointing the prospect/consumer to the Empower Network IDS. However, (and this is important) it's not enough to just tell them where to find the information, you must actually provide a clickable link to the EN IDS. This is key. If you are unable to use the Empower Network link (for example, in a Facebook thread), you may create a custom link that leads to the EN IDS. But, it is essential your custom link leads directly to the​ *official*​ Empower Network Income Disclosure page. And remember, a clickable link is required.

As always, if you have any questions about this or any of our policies, please contact us at 

Do's and Don'ts:
You Should...

You may use EN marketing material and self created literature (as long as you submit to EN for approval.)

You may create website(s) and social media sites to promote EN identifying yourself as an EN Affiliate, with full name shown.

You may use the EN Independent Affiliate logo with your full name in all marketing materials.

You may only use Company endorsed marketing /auto responders to promote your EN business. (Aweber, Get Response)

Affiliates are personally responsible for their postings and all other online activity that relates to EN. ALL postings must align with EN values, Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions and Compensation Plan and contributes to the EN community greater good.

Whenever discussing EN products, services or the EN opportunity in any manner, Affiliates must disclose their full name, conspicuously identify themselves as an EN Independent Affiliate, and provide the EN Income Disclosure Statement either in document form or via a clear and conspicuous link.

For those in violation of any EN P & P's, it may result in disciplinary action, which may include fine, suspension, or termination of the offending Affiliate.

You may make income claims as long as they are true, non deceptive AND you include a clear & conspicuous “IDS” statement, “Results not typical. For average earnings, please see .

You Should Not...

You may not make improper income or product claims, even if true, without a clear and conspicuous income disclosure that leads to the EN Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”).

You may not use third party shopping carts to publicize or sell EN products – like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or self-created.

You may not self create website(s), social media sites or fake pages to promote EN. Nor may you refer to EN as a “scam” or “scheme” – even for reasons of rankings.

You may not capitalize on the Empower Network brand or products. Nor may you state or imply that you are an employee of the company.

You may not use Facebook, eBay, Amazon, or Twitter to market EN online unless you identify yourself as an EN Affiliate.

You may not re-produce sales aids, event footage or any other copyrighted material either electronically or in print.

You may not use the EN name or product names or any noncompliant verbiage as usernames in any email addresses, URLs or social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

You may not make any financial commitments or media representations on behalf of EN.

You may not use any false or misleading testimonials; including product claims or income claims.

You may not do anything that may bring the EN name, brand or Affiliates any disrespect.

FTC Data
These are the guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for online advertisers/marketers. The .com Disclosure and FAQ links are provided for your review and convenience.

Access FTC FAQS here
Access .com disclosure documentation here